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Dec 12, 2012 11:00pm PST
no correspondia y se le pidió devolver el dinero, pero esquino no cumplió con su parte. >> edward james el actor estado unidense se sumo al duelo de jenny rivera por compartir con ella. >> la diva de la banda alcanzó logros que pocos han conseguido. >> el afamado actor edward olmos. >> la recuerda con mucho cariño por su participación en una película independiente >> en este papel rivera, logro hacer lo que pocos actores pueden interpretar. >> yo la vi llorar lagrimas de incréible pasión cuando se dio a conocer la película. >> es como selena, que es pionera en la incursion por partes de mujeres en esta música, pero jenny participo en grandes eventos. >> hablando de la trágica muerte de la cantante, mañana univisión radio dara un tributo a la cantante a las 7 de la noche. >> se pide la ayuda del publcio para dar con 3 sospechoso que asaltaron una joyería. >> fotos y videos están en la página web. >> se encontraron varias plantas de marihuana. y las autoridades hicieron cerca de unos 8 arrestos, por solicitud de servicios sexuales. >> el sospechoso por sierra la mar fue procesado. >>
Dec 12, 2012 5:00pm PST
don't think so. >> robin, the third generation. her grandfather edward was a mattress equipment salesman from chicago. he came to san francisco with his brother, leonard in 1998. -- 1898. if they were to visit today, those brother woz be proud to see the company they founded still going strong. >> the benefit of doing it ourselves is that we're in charge of the quality. >> easy to say not easy to do. when they say they make them from scratch in america, they mean it. beginning with the cotton. they blend and machine into batting. to bed coils beginning at raw wire, manufactured in california then finish bid former street sweeper. >> all hand made. >> yes. >> by your hand? >> all of our hands. >> they build mattresses old fashioned way. same as they always have, as reflected through almost a century's worth of orders and receipts remain on file. >> this system is old school. but it works when a customer calls asking for information on a sale, they consult these catalogs, they have everything in 15 seconds. so when did they go to computers? >> in 1998. >> it does not stand with th
Dec 12, 2012 6:30pm PST
threatening and fisherman's whof and the city and thank you for the work that you do. >> judge edwards senior property manager when i first came to the port at the same time that kevin did you took the time to take me under your winnings and create a partnering relationship and helped me three navigate some of the politics and got us off to the right direction and i'm so glad that you were there for me and so thank you and i wish you the best of luck in your score, i guess, the saim name of it and so we are looking forward to being the results of that i'm sure it will be fantastic. thank you. (applause). is there anyone else who would like too speak? >>> well like everyone else when i first join the commission bob was one of the first people i went out to lunch with and we went out to lunch at pier 39 and the he told me all about pier 39 and fisherman's whof and i'm definite going to miss him and we have this wonderful plack that does not say enough about your contribution to the water front and it says macintosh welcoming 20 years of welcoming visitors near and far port of san franc
Dec 13, 2012 5:00am PST
cantado muchas veces en la placita olvera. >>> podrÍa ser nominada al oscar. eso asegura edward james, pro d productor stla pelÍcula philip brown trata donde jenni interpreta a una madre que trata de ayudar a su hija. >>> la diva de la banda tiene todo para ser nominada y premiada con un oscar. >>> todos estamos llorando, todos detrÁs de las camaras estamos llorando de entender lo que estaba pasando selena abriÓ la puerta, jenni entrÓ y subio a un nivel mucho mÁs fuerte. pero al mismo tiempo, estas mujeres han hecho algo que, muy pocas mujeres han podido hacer en esta clase de arte. >>> la pelÍcula philip brown serÁ estrenada en estados unidos el prÓximo aÑo . >>> consternado como lo mencionaste previamente pamela, estÁ el diseÑador de jenni rivera tras la trÁgica muerte de su gran amigo las imÁgenes en las redes sociales de los supuestos restos de la diva de la banda. >>> se une a nuestros estudios de los angeles adelante ninet, buenas tardes. >>> buenas tardes pamela y bÁrbara nosotros seguimos aquÍ, muy, pero impactados con estas imÁgenes que estan circulando en las rede
Dec 13, 2012 12:00am PST
the other and edward heath premiership, 70 to 74 we had five states of emergency where the government took to itself emergency powers, because the whole fabric seemed to be unwinding. >> rose: today they changed the constitution. >> yeah. >> looking at egypt i still say we were fine compared to egypt, actually. >> rose: here is what you have timothy garden ash quote quoted as saying. in the epigraph. >> if only i had method on this search a single clearly evil person. >> yes. this is from tim garnish, his book, about discovering his own -- yes, what intrigues me about this remark, right at the end of his wonderful book is, that lots of ordinary, not particularly bad, not heroically good people can do terrible things within a bad system so someone like my heroine serena can fall in love with a man that falls in love with her and tell him endless lies because it is too late, it is too late to get out of it, and how systems can make people behave really badly, so that they do all kinds of husband informing on wives inside the old east german system in order to keep their children in their uni
Dec 13, 2012 4:00am PST
morning by a colleague and a member of the security staff at london's king edward the seventh hospital. >> a police officer says three notes were found in the room. >> the deejays call lost the last week presented to the queen elizabeth and prince charles. >> the two deejays spoke out saying they were " shattered by the news. >> internet software anti virus pioneer john mcafee is back in the nine states this morning. >> he arrived in miami late yesterday afternoon after being held in immigration detention in guatemala. >> the 67 year-old 7 hiding for weeks in guatemala because of partisan police were seeking to question him about the killing of his neighbor. >> he insisted he had nothing to do with his neighbors that and he says he was seeking asylum in guatemala to avoid police persecution. >> the deadly accident on the bridge will have that information more it is just coming in. erica will follow-up. and she will give details in a minute. >> 31 degrees and hayward very cold there warmer to 54 this afternoon. =dj we're back is 4:30. he is a live look at the bay bridge were we are seei
Dec 13, 2012 9:00am PST
company. the company is linked to christian edward nunez, a mexican national who pleaded guilty in 2004 to charges of falsifying airplane maintenance records. starwood management has denied that he was involved with the company. cnn wasn't able to get comment from starwood management or nunez. the learjet in which rivera was traveling was built in 1969. meanwhile, relatives of the mexican-american singer say they still have hope. >> in our eyes we still have faith that my sister will be okay. we have no confirmation of her body being recovered. dead or alive. >> there are makeshift memorials to honor jenni rivera in california where she was born, neighboring arizona and as far away as chicago. >> we did not lose jenni rivera. a legend was born. that's the way some colleagues and i consider it. >> adoring fans have set up memorials in the mexican city of monterrey where rivera performed her last concert before taking the doomed flight. >> our family is going through a very difficult time. we're strong and continue to stay strong, and we thank god for the life he gave my sister for all th
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8 (some duplicates have been removed)